My idea behind making a “pouf” was to make a bean bag-like chair/cushion that would function as a fun piece of furniture for my toddler.

Pouf-how to make a cushion

My inspiration was from these fun square chairs from Serena & Lily and the Fatboy bean bags.

My final cushion size was about 28″x28″x13″. I think you will need to consider the size of your space to determine the size of your cushion.  Here’s the how-to (without specific measurements) so that you can make a cushion with any  leftover or scrap fabric you have. Use a durable fabric like a twill or denim.

1. Cut the pieces. For a large cushion like mine, you’ll need about 1.5 m of fabric (less, if there are no matching patterns) and about .25m of contrasting fabric for the piping.

2. Attach the zipper. Here’s some instructions for how to sew a zipper. Sew the cushion sides together to form a tube.

3. Sew the piping. Sew the piping together to form a tube. Fold the piping in half and sew to the edge of the cushion top + bottom. I used a soft velour fabric for the piping.

4. Sew the pouf together. With insides together, attach the sides to the cushion top and bottom and sew together. I stuffed my cushion with extra pillows and a duvet. Have fun!



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2 Responses to Pouf

  1. anrosh says:

    What sewing machine do you use ?

    • Yvonne says:

      Hi! It’s a very versatile machine sewing going from thin to thick material easily – a basic machine (without any electronic coded stiches) and priced very economically. It’s a Janome SUV1122.

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